Assorted Best of 2018 Blog Posts

As a way of ending off the year, I thought I would highlight some of the year’s best Internet blog posts and stories, that offer thoughtful reflections that inform Christian faith and practice. This is meant to supplement a “Best of Summer 2018” Veracity posting, from a few months ago (a lot has happened this year in the world of theology!). Some posts are Bible “geeky,” some deal with contemporary challenges to the Gospel, some are on church history, and nearly all I had to say, “I need to come back to that one, and give it more thought!” Bearing all of that in mind, here is my list of the rest of the best blog posts and stories of 2018:

About Clarke Morledge

Clarke Morledge -- Computer Network Engineer, College of William and Mary... I hiked the Mount of the Holy Cross, one of the famous Colorado Fourteeners, with some friends in July, 2012. My buddy, Mike Scott, snapped this photo of me on the summit. View all posts by Clarke Morledge

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