Essential Bible Tools

NET Bible (The New English Translation. A great place to start reading the Bible online, with excellent translation and syntax notes)

Blue Letter Bible Search (powerful search and translation comparison capabilities)

Apologetic Resources

Veracity YouTube Channel

Arguments for the Existence of God (animated videos, very intellectual)

Reasonable Faith (William Lane Craig)

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Reasons to Believe (Hugh Ross)

Cold-Case Christianity (J. Warner Wallace)

Cross Examined (Frank Turek)

One Minute Apologist (Bobby Conway)

Nabeel Qureshi

CARM (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry)

BioLogos (Francis Collins)

Dick Woodward Resources

Mini Bible College Audio (Dick Woodward audio lessons)

Mini Bible College Sermon on the Mount Series

Mini Bible College Booklets (Dick Woodward printed lessons)

4 Spiritual Secrets (Dick Woodward blog)

Helpful Tools (Apps and Software)

Kindle Reader

Audible App

Evernote (“Your electronic brain,” REALLY useful for cataloging online research)

Biblical Archaeology Resources

Ferrell’s Travel Blog (don’t be fooled by the name—an incredible resource for Biblical archaeology)

Biography of the Apostle Paul (by Dale Bargmann, compiled with permission from the author, 14 Mb Download).

Biblical Archaeology Review (interesting finds)

Model of 1st Century Jerusalem (Israel Museum virtual tour)

Map of Palestine in the Time of Jesus (excellent Bible map: people groups, cities and towns, roads, governmental authorities)

Map of Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus

Chronologies and Calendars

Chronology: Old Testament

Chronology: New Testament

Chronology: About the Research

Jewish Calendar and Festivals (with helpful chart)

Jewish Calendar (Judaism 101)

Jewish Calendar

Hebrew Calendar


Flavius Josephus (works of Josephus—translated, searchable and on-line)

Fox’s Book of Matyrs

Dead Sea Scrolls (Digital version now on-line)

Textual Criticism

Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

Daniel B. Wallace Blog

Topical Resources

Open Biola (Free Educational Content Created & Curated by Biola University)

Christianity Today

Relevant Magazine

Vision Video (Peter & Paul DVD, many audiovisual resources)

(Partial) Description of the World’s Religions


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