Bible Study Tools (Bible dictionaries, parallel translations, encyclopedia, specialized search tools)

Bible Gateway (online Bible, multiple translations)

ESV Online Bible

Glo Bible (multimedia digital Bible)

Ferrell’s Travel Blog (don’t be fooled by the name—an incredible resource for Biblical archaeology) Blog (great reference for Biblical archaeology news and analysis)

Halley’s Bible Handbook (must-have resource, concise, thorough, Kindle version requires free Kindle Reader)

Kindle Reader

Audible App

Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream (David Platt text, Kindle version requires free Kindle Reader)

Evernote (“Your electronic brain,” REALLY useful for cataloging online research)

Harmony in the Gospels (Ken Palmer’s chronology of Jesus)

Day of Discovery (content-rich site, visual teaching, many videos)

Michael Card’s Home Page

Blog Biography of the Apostle Paul (Dale Bargmann’s Blog Biography of the Apostle Paul)

Biography of the Apostle Paul (by Dale Bargmann, compiled from above site with permission from the author, 14 Mb Download).

Mini Bible College Audio (Dick Woodward audio lessons)

Mini Bible College Sermon on the Mount Series

Mini Bible College Booklets (Dick Woodward printed lessons)

4 Spiritual Secrets (Dick Woodward blog)

Williamsburg Community Chapel (About Us)

Guzik Bible Commentary (hub for lots of resources)

Model of 1st Century Jerusalem (Israel Museum virtual tour)

Map of Palestine in the Time of Jesus (excellent Bible map: people groups, cities and towns, roads, governmental authorities)

Map of Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus

Chronology: Old Testament
Chronology: New Testament
Chronology: About the Research

Jewish Calendar and Festivals (with helpful chart)
Jewish Calendar (Judaism 101)
Jewish Calendar
Hebrew Calendar

Biblical Archaeology Review (interesting—and sometimes outrageous—conjecture and finds)

Archaeology Illustrated, by Biblical Illustrator Balagh Balogh (gifted artist who does historically and archaeologically researched illustrations)

Flavius Josephus (Works of Josephus—translated, searchable and on-line)

Fox’s Book of Matyrs

Dead Sea Scrolls (Digital Version now on-line)

Is the Bible Reliable as a Historical Document? (Lee Strobel)
Can we trust the New Testament? (CARM)
Dartmouth Apologia
Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts
Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts
Reasons to Believe

Lee Strobel Online (excellent source of apologetic videos)

Christian Research Institute (tough topics)

Christianity Today

Follow the Rabbi (Ray Vander Laan resource site)

Vision Video (Peter & Paul DVD, many audiovisual resources)

(Partial) Description of the World’s Religions


Paul said, “Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.”
(1 Thessalonians 5:21-22)

Check the belief statement or statement of faith. Does the site/resource/author claim:

  1. Jesus is God,
  2. The Bible is the final authority for faith and practice, and
  3. Salvation is by grace through faith alone?

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