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Announcement: Romans 9-11 Panel Discussion!

Is the secular nation state of Israel a fulfillment of Bible prophecy? Veracity tackles a "hot potato."

Is there a future for ethnic, national Israel?

If you are in the Williamsburg, Virginia area next Sunday night (August 28) and the following Sunday night (September 4), I invite you to attend a panel discussion on Romans 9-11 sponsored by the Williamsburg Community Chapel and the folks here at the Veracity blog.

I have been living in Romans 9-11 for over a year now, and it has been a challenging study. Questions about predestination and human free will are addressed by the Apostle Paul in these chapters, but the central and most intriguing theme concerns God’s plans and purposes for Israel.

Is there a future for ethnic, national Israel? Or should we think of the church, Jewish and Gentile believers together, as the spiritualized, contemporary embodiment of true Israel today?

Come and hear our panelists, all pastors at the Williamsburg Community Chapel, discuss this important topic: Hunter Ruch, Doug Bunn, Rich Sylvester, Wes White and Claude Marshall. I will serve as the moderator for our discussion.

  • Williamsburg Community Chapel, 3899 John Tyler Highway, Williamsburg, VA 23185
  • Student Ministries Worship Room
  • Sundays, August 28 and September 4, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Personal Discipleship

Clarke and I have been invited, along with four other bloggers, to share devotional posts with our Church (Williamsburg Community Chapel) during Lent. Here’s the first post we’d like to also share with our Veracity readers as we start this ” Lessons In Lent” series on Ash Wednesday.

Lessons in Lent

The Life Line The Life Line by Winslow Homer, 1884

Personal discipleship has been a lifeline for me between what had become a comfortable and complacent Christian experience, and one that became vibrant, exciting, and very real. As we embark on this new Lenten series, I invite you to take a fresh approach to your devotional life.

Personal discipleship is the process in which a believer or seeker takes personal responsibility for investigating the claims and content of the Bible. While we all appreciate hearing a well-turned sermon in a moving worship service, sitting in a pew is a passive experience. None of us would get very far academically if all we ever did was attend lectures. We have to read, study, work some problems through, write, engage others in discussion, apply ourselves, and prepare to be tested. And so it is with our faith.

Matthew’s Gospel invites that kind of approach. His…

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Symposium 2013 Roundup Week Two

How do you share the Christian faith when matters of science are held up against Scripture?  What do you say to your neighbor, your co-worker, or family member?  How do you handle potential controversy over these issues?  Are the Bible and science compatible or not?

On the second night of our three-part Facts & Faith symposium, we watched the Dual Revelation video produced by Reasons To Believe, and concluded with a panel discussion and Q&A from the audience.  Here is the trailer from the video:

Creation and science, and particularly how science and the record of nature fit within the Bible, is an important topic for all of us.  Do you have any questions or comments?  Even if you were not able to join us at the Symposium, please submit them below in the comments section, and we will do our best to answer them.  (For answers to Week One questions, see this link.)

In response to requests after the first symposium we did record the panel discussion and Q &A from the audience at this session, and here it is.

Thanks, from your friends at Veracity!

HT: Marion Paine (video)


Handouts from the Facts & Faith Symposium

Evolution References by Dick Terman


Facts & Faith Handout

Symposium 2013 Roundup Week One

Facts and Faith Symposium attendees prepare to view the first film, Lee Strobel's The Case for a Creator,  followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Facts and Faith Symposium attendees prepare to view the first film, Lee Strobel’s The Case for a Creator, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

We have just concluded our first week of the Facts and Faith Symposium. You will not want to miss the next two weeks!  But if you are unable to attend, we will be covering the conversation here for you.


Facts & Faith Handout

Here on Veracity, we have talked a lot about science and faith issues as they relate to Creation as we have been ramping up over the past few weeks in preparation for the Symposium.  CAVEAT: For those of you who feel overloaded by science/faith stuff, do not worry.  We do blog about other things, too!   John and I have just been on a roll lately!

Below is a selection of many of the Veracity blog posts that address various issues regarding Creation.  In addition, we will have extra material that seeks to address a number of questions that come up during our conversation.  If you have further questions, or things you want to talk about, please put them down in the comments section below. Thanks!

Having a conversation about Creation and the Bible:

Science and the Question of the Existence of God:

Different Christian Views about Creation:

Intelligent Design:

Thinking about Creation and the Bigger Picture:

Have a Comment or Question?

Our panelists will address comments and questions we couldn’t get to due to time constraints. Please post your questions in the “What do you think?” box below, and check back soon for the answers.

Facts & Faith Symposium

Facts & Faith

(A Three-part Vine Life Symposium)
November 10th, 17th and 24th, 2013
6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Williamsburg Community Chapel

The Christian faith is founded in reality.  The events in the Bible really happened, and the Bible is completely trustworthy in all that it reports and represents.  Not completely convinced?  Join us for a three-night symposium entitled Facts & Faith as we present the astounding corroboration of the Bible that is found in science.  The Williamsburg Community Chapel was founded by scientists, who will participate in a facilitated panel discussion to answer questions from the audience after viewing one special video each evening, including:

1- The Case for a Creator (Lee Strobel documentary)
2- Dual Revelation (from Reasons To Believe)
3- Cosmic Fingerprints (Hugh Ross presentation to Willow Creek Church)

Topics will cover: the incredible fine tuning of the universe from cosmology, astrophysics, and biology; the concordance between God’s Dual Revelation in the book of Scripture and the book of nature; and the incredible accuracy of Old Testament writing that is just now being appreciated in 21st century scientific discoveries that even prominent atheists agree can only be explained by the existence of an intelligent designer.  Please join us for teaching and sharing that will definitely lift your appreciation for the veracity of the Bible.

Click here to register (it’s free).  Registration is not required but helps our hosts provide the coffee and seating.

HT: Arlene Vander Loon, Eileen Grant, Jessica Grimes, Marion Paine, Dave Rudy, Clarke Morledge, David Thompson, Dick Terman, Ken Petzinger

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