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“Such Were Some of You”: The Language of Christian Identity

Can a Christian ever call themselves a “sober alcoholic?” Or a “non-practicing adulterer?” A “celibate gay” person?

The controversy over the Revoice conference has died down some, but the main topic continues to provoke earnest discussion among evangelicals: Is it ever appropriate to use the terminology of “single” (or “celibate”), “gay,” and “Christian” within the same sentence, to describe some believers? Does such language inherently betray a compromise of a Christian’s identity, as being founded only upon our relationship with Christ? Or even worse, does it wrongly identify a Christian with their sin?

A driver’s license tells us a lot about a person’s identity, but there is a deeper question for Christians: How should a believer “identify” themselves?

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J.I. Packer: In His Own Words

J. I. Packer, at 89 years old, is still one of the great statesmen of the Christian faith today. A Christian book publisher, Crossway, has done a series of short, 3-minute interviews with Packer looking back over his substantial career as a theologian for the church, containing much wisdom for any and every Christian, old and new. Topics include, “What is Repentance?” and “What is Faith?

Now, there is a twenty minute film reviewing his life… “In His Own Words.”

J.I. Packer: That’s Not Good Enough

Right between the eyes.  From a Calvinist.

HT: Justin Taylor, Crossway

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