J. I. Packer…. In His Own Words, In 15 Minutes

Crossway Publishers has one of the last videos of J. I. Packer, sharing his life in 15 minutes. We have lost one of the great ones, of the faith. I offered an in-depth review of a biography of Packer’s life, this past weekend. Well done, good and faithful servant!!

“I should like to be remembered as someone who was always courteous in controversy, but without compromise.”   — J. I. Packer

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4 responses to “J. I. Packer…. In His Own Words, In 15 Minutes

  • Carol Evans


    Your review of the JI Packer’s biography and this video are enlightening. The word “irenic” is a new word for me. How appropriately it describes Packer!

    *Knowing God* is part of my daily reading. It is written in a way I can understand and later reflect on.

    And now that I’ve learned Packer’s role in the ESV, I will get a copy. I’ve been using the NIV for years; however, his description of what ESV achieved makes me eager to get it.

    Thank you for your Veracity posts.



    • Clarke Morledge

      Thanks, Carol. Packer is one of my heroes. Too bad to lose him, but he’s in the arms of Jesus now, which is what counts. I still love the NIV, as well as a number of other translations, but my “go-to” translation is the ESV. The Chapel made a good choice to go with that. …. I got home too late to get a decent view of the comet. At 10:30pm, it had dipped so close to the horizon that the lights of Richmond washed it out. I was able to see the tail with binoculars, though. Hopefully, tonight, we might get a better view, assuming clouds do not get in the way.


  • Clarke Morledge

    I would also recommend this episode of the Quick to Listen podcast, about J.I. Packer and American evangelicalism, and particularly, his relationship with Christianity Today magazine. One thing that stuck out to me was Packer’s insistence, that while inerrancy is not necessarily a sign of evangelical identity, it is a sign of evangelical consistency, with regard to how we view the authority of the Bible, and its character as being God’s very Word to us. That is really a thoughtful way to put it. Packer’s voice will be greatly missed:


    Also, a great piece by Russell Moore, comparing J.I. Packer with John Lewis, the Civil Rights leader, who died the same day as Packer:



  • Clarke Morledge

    Alister McGrath obituary on J.I. Packer:


    Mark Dever interviews J.I. Packer in 1999:

    John Piper interviewed J.I. Packer five years ago:


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