Hugh Ross

There are some really gifted people doing great work in ministry these days. Ravi Zacharias, William Lane Craig, Andy Stanley, J. Warner Wallace, Daniel B. Wallace, Darrell Bock, and Craig Blomberg come to mind. And this guy.

I’ve studied Hugh Ross’ material for quite some time. I’ve seen him challenged and attacked, and have been impressed by his ability to respond with love instead of anger. He runs Reasons To Believe with great integrity, and his thought-provoking and original material is always brilliantly researched and lovingly delivered. Here’s a recent interview that gets very personal.

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5 responses to “Hugh Ross

  • john asby

    Wow! This is excellent. Thanks John. This is perfect timing for our current situation at home.


    • John Paine

      There are takeaways for everybody in this interview. What a transparent and guileless disciple! God used poverty and social ostracism mightily in Hugh Ross’ life. A few years ago, I saw a photograph of the offices of Reasons To Believe and there was a 1960’s jalopy parked out front. Sometime later, on a podcast, Dr. Ross’ colleagues were teasing him about driving old, beat up cars. He quipped, “I like to buy cars that have some entropy.” His humility, as apparent in this video, is very encouraging. I think about his comment every time I read about some TV preacher’s jet, private compound, or other extravagance.

      As to the autism scale, for something that wasn’t much thought about 30 or 40 years ago, it’s amazing to discover how many people struggle with some degree of autism. Wouldn’t it be great to see our culture focus more attention on accommodating people who have autism than on politically charged, grandstanding debates over issues such as who should use the men’s room?


  • Clarke Morledge

    A couple of years ago, Nick Peters, another Christian apologist with Aspergers, interviewed Hugh Ross on his DeeperWaters podcast, where I learned a lot:


  • Ken Petzinger

    John, with respect to your comment about focusing attention on Issues like autism: the Williamsburg Community Chapel has instituted a special SS program called Worship Buddies specifically for autistic children and children faced with an inability to socialize with peers. A worship buddy is specifically assigned to each autistic child as someone who, e.g., might recognize the need for withdrawal to a “quiet space” when things get too loud or busy, and who can interpret the message of the Bible stories with patience and creativity through creative means.

    Mary has worked as a worship buddy for several months now and it has been both eye-opening and a blessing for her. It is eye-opening to recognize how many such children there are among us, how many parents struggle with these issues, and how grateful they are that a program exists to help their kids learn.



    • John Paine

      It is amazing how many families struggle with autism in all of its degrees. I’ve heard of other churches with similar programs–McLean Bible comes to mind–and am encouraged to hear that Mary and others are taking on this difficult challenge at the Chapel.


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