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Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?

When God gave us His Word, He was not in denial regarding the suffering of His people. Have you discovered the Bible is filled with Scriptures that answer the ‘why’ questions the people of God ask when they are hurting? I have been in a wheelchair since 1983 and have been totally paralyzed for many years. What I have written here is not unproven theory from passages in the Bible. I have personally needed to search the Scriptures and find these “Thirty Biblical Reasons Why God’s People Suffer.” If you are suffering, or you know someone who is, join me as I explore thirty biblical responses of God to people with hurting hearts.
Dick Woodward, 30 Biblical Reasons Why God’s People Suffer

30 Biblical Reasons Why God's People SufferHow can an all-powerful and good god allow evil and suffering?  As William Lane Craig points out, the problem of evil and suffering is the primary argument against the existence of God.  In this presentation he argues that “Christian theism is man’s last, best hope for a solution to the problem of evil,” distinguishing between the intellectual and emotional versions of the problem of evil.

But the question is so profound that it can be particularly difficult to separate emotions from intellect.  It can gnaw at our soul. Even those who accept the existence of God can have a hard time resolving evil and suffering. Continue reading

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