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The History of the English Standard Version

I use multiple English versions of the Scriptures, in my own Bible study: ranging from the KJV, to the NIV, the online NET Bible (recently reformatted as Lumina) to the late Eugene Peterson’s The Message. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. But if I had to pick one stand out favorite, it would be the English Standard Version (ESV). The following is a ten-minute video telling the history of how the ESV came to be:

Final Update to the ESV?… Well, Not Exactly

Here on Veracity a few weeks ago, we noted the decision by Crossway, the publisher of the English Standard Version (ESV), that they had finally produced a permanent edition of the text of ESV Bible translation. However, Crossway has just announced that they have reversed this decision.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to listen in as Bible translators go about making decisions on how to translate a verse of Scripture? The following 4-minute video is an example of discussion by the ESV translation committee about I Corinthians 7, with respect to changing the word “slave” to the word “bondservant.”

HT: Dave Rudy

And “finally,” here is a very extreme view expressed by a King-James-Only advocate, Steven Anderson, an independent Baptist pastor in Tempe, Arizona, arguing why modern translations, like the ESV, “the NIV, the NAS[B], the RSV, [and] the SUV,” tamper too much with “changes” to the Bible. Conspiracy theory at its most “entertaining?” View at your own risk.

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