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Veracity…the Book!

Confidence in Jesus Christ

We are one!

(Our blog is one year old that is.)  And to celebrate, after 88 posts, Clarke and I are giving away as many copies as you would like of our new ebook, Confidence in Jesus Christ, the Joy of Personal Discipleship.

Confidence is a sampling of what this blog is all about, in an evangelical wrapper.  With some attitude.  It’s a hyperlinked presentation of the Gospel that you can share with anyone.

For a limited time you can get Confidence simply by clicking on the above image.

Thank you all for being such great family, friends and followers.  Please drop us a comment and let us know how we can make Veracity better for you, and please share this material.  We’ll spare you the details, but the more subscribed followers we have on the blog, the more widely our message gets spread through cyberspace.

We look forward to sharing more resources and ideas, and engaging in thought-provoking dialog in the months and years ahead.  God willing, of course.

Chi Rho!

Clarke & John

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