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John the Baptist

This blog is about sharing resources, and the video below demonstrates some of those resources in action (particularly videos embedded in the Glo Bible).  It also highlights some recent archaeology on John the Baptist, by Shimon Gibson.  If you start poking around the archaeology of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, you’ll quickly run into Shimon Gibson—more on him in a future post. 

Ever wonder where Jesus was baptized?  Where was John the Baptist beheaded?  See if these types of materials aid your understanding of the Biblical text.  These are historical events, as well documented as any events in ancient history.

We’ll explore a bunch of tools in a forthcoming thread devoted to that purpose.  But in any event, don’t miss the message.  What does it say, what does it mean, what does it mean to me?

Dick Woodward has some devotional thoughts on John the Baptist.


Credits & Sources:

Glo Bible

John the Baptist  (Wikipedia article)

Machaerus Photo by Thomas Bantle  (Where John the Baptist was beheaded)

Cave of John the Baptist  (Shimon Gibson site, 3D Virtual Tour)

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