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The Amplified Bible: How to Use and How Not to Use It

I am posting this for my wife’s benefit, and others who really like the Amplified Bible. Logos Bible Scholar Mark Ward does a great job in this 13-minute video explaining the pros and cons of using the Amplified Bible. It is sort of like having a Bible with brief commentary embedded right in the text, which can be both a good thing … and a bad thing.

The following might come across as disparaging, but it is often quoted because there is some truth to it: “[The] Amplified [Bible is] for folks who have no idea what translation is but know that if you try enough words one of them will hit pay dirt.” I personally prefer to have a good study Bible instead, so that I do not get confused as to what is the text and what is the commentary.

The video is based on a blog article Mark wrote a few years ago. His book on the King James Version is incredibly insightful. You can check him out at his web site, ByFaithWeUnderstand.com.

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