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Why Would A Good God Create a Killer Virus, Like COVID-19? (In 5 Minutes)

Does having a good God … and deadly viruses, like the coronavirus, really mix? That is a question on the minds of many folks these days.

To help me think through this type of question, I am indebted to the good folks at Reasons to Believe. A few years, virologist A. J. Roberts joined the staff at Reasons to Believe, an Old Earth Creationist ministry. She participated in several very good (and short) interviews on this very topic, when she joined Reasons to Believe, and her answers are just as helpful today, as they were a few years ago….

…. in the meantime, pray for the medical workers on the front lines, who are at the highest risk of infection from COVID-19:

If you like the video, you may want to watch the others, in this series below:



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