Which Books of the Bible Do Churches Tend to Ignore?

Found this of interest recently: Have you ever wondered why churches will preach from certain parts of the Bible more than others? Did you know that the Book of Jonah gets preached on more than any other book in the Old Testament, whereas 1 & 2 Chronicles are typically down at the bottom of the list (At least in the UK)?

In the UK, someone did some preliminary research to figure out how often churches will preach from one book of the Bible as opposed to another book of the Bible. Apparently, in the UK, the Book of Ephesians tops the list of most often preached upon, whereas when it comes to the New Testament, 2nd and 3rd John are near the bottom of the list. Surprisingly, Haggai is #2 for Old Testament books, but is still behind most other New Testament books, except for, surprisingly again, the Book of Revelation.  Poor Ezekiel, with his flying chariot wheels, is only just above Chronicles, at the very bottom slot. Of the four, Mark is the most neglected Gospel, whereas Luke ranks at the top.

If someone could do this for the United States, that would be very eye-opening.  (HT Andrew Wilson)

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