Dick Woodward on BBN Radio This Week (Jan. 16-20)

Dick Woodward

Dick Woodward

The late, pastor emeritus of Williamsburg Community Chapel, Dick Woodward, is on the Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN) this week, on their evening “Conference Pulpit” program, at 9pm EST (January 16-20).

Dick Woodward served as the pastor at my church in Williamsburg for many years, despite suffering from a degenerative spinal cord disease, that eventually left him as a quadriplegic. Woodward’s message series this week addresses the topic of suffering. Reverend Woodward died in 2014.

Last night’s message touched on the subject of the “prosperity doctrine,” which has been in the news lately, with respect to some controversy over the choices of some of the prayer leaders, who will be participating in the Presidential Inauguration ceremonies later this week.

The Bible Broadcasting Network is a nationwide, American radio ministry with some 30 full power stations and over 100 low power stations, in some 29 different states, with Internet streaming capabilities across the world. The nightly Conference Pulpit program features recordings of leading Bible teachers over the past 100 years. Theologically, BBN leans more towards promoting dispensational premillennialism in their teaching.

In the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, BBN operates at at WYFI, 99.7 FM. You can also stream the program from the previous evening, available for the next week, on BBN’s website at here or here. Since I forgot to mention about this yesterday, you can listen to last night’s message currently available from “Monday,” on that BBN website.

UPDATE: 01/19/2017   The Colson Center and Breakpoint.org have a brief article covering the Inauguration and Prosperity Gospel controversy from an evangelical perspective.


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