God Wrote a Book

John Piper, the main voice behind desiringGod.org, challenges me and encourages me in his exposition of and love for the Bible. Granted, there are times where he can be a bit over the top in his unashamed Calvinism. Nevertheless, there are some real gems, as when he teaches that the Bible offers us a window through which we can see the world from God’s perspective. Here he nails it. Great cinematography.

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One response to “God Wrote a Book

  • John Paine


    What a wonderful example of “sharing the joy of personal discipleship!” Piper’s passionate love of the Word of God is inspiring.

    The more I study, the more I appreciate how we are all individuals with our own quirks, biases, personal history, beliefs, and emotional and intellectual baggage. That’s what makes us unique. Only a simple-minded person would agree with everything someone else thinks or teaches, but what a wonderful palette of ideas we have to choose from to work out our salvation. The apostle Paul’s instruction in Philippians 2:12 get’s to the heart of the personal discipleship process.

    Thanks so much for sharing!



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