Stephen Fry and the God of Oscar Wilde

Stephen Fry is an English comedian. Though not as well-known on the American side “of the pond,” Stephen Fry was interviewed on Ireland’s Public Service television recently where he expressed his views on God. The video went viral on YouTube, numbering over 5 million views in less that 2 weeks. Fry, like many skeptics, does not find satisfaction with how a “God” could create a world with so much suffering and evil in it… and that description is putting it…as they say…rather mildly (be forewarned).

In response, Justin Brierley, the British radio personality who moderates the Unbelievable radio podcast, a show I highly recommend, draws inspiration from one of Stephen Fry’s literary heroes, Oscar Wilde (the text of Brierley’s remarks can be found here). Though mostly known as being a skeptic, Oscar Wilde converted to Catholicism in the last few days of his life.

Casting aside questions about Roman Catholicism for the moment, how do you see Justin Brierley painting a different portrait of God than what Stephen Fry rails against? Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant can be read here.

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