Matthew’s Gospel Truth

I’ve had multiple conversations over the past two weeks on witnessing and evangelism, all centering on how we present Jesus and the Gospel. One thing that strikes me is how many Christian brothers and sisters seem to be without a plumb line when it comes to presenting the Gospel. Some sound doctrine would greatly help. Here is a post I contributed to our church’s Lenten blog series that speaks to the issue.

Lessons in Lent

“One of the great lies of our time is to suppose that because Jesus brings forgiveness, and urges us to be forgiving people, meek, and gentle, there is no sharp edge to his message. To hear some people, you’d think the whole of the Christian message was simply a call to accept one another, never to judge another person.”
N.T. Wright, Lent for Everyone, Matthew, Year A

Personally, if I had to pick one word to sum up Jesus Christ (and the Bible, and the Christian faith for that matter), it would be ‘veracity’—partly because Jesus called Himself “the truth” in John 14:6. We’re dealing with the truth when we’re dealing with Jesus. Really.

Certainly as much as any other Gospel writer, Matthew gives us a fully-developed, true picture of Jesus Christ and His message—and it’s not the saccharine depiction many people make it out to be (just wait until…

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One response to “Matthew’s Gospel Truth

  • dwwork

    We tend to forget how radical Jesus’ message was in His day. So much so He was crucified. We think is is now mainstream but it is still the most radical message mankind has ever heard. That is why as you well know we need to be equipped to guide people through Jesus message. Blessings, David


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