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8 responses to “The Gospel Truth

  • Clarke Morledge


    Veracity goes hip. Lay it down, bro-tha.

    Dat’s the Word!


  • John Asby

    Excellent!. I am always challenging this rap culture thing with my kids but the piercing message here will make a difference through a method they see often. Thanks for finding this as I will be passing this along many times over.


    • John Paine

      I’ve seen, heard, and read many powerful presentations of the Gospel, given by some of the most articulate minds on the planet, but none better than this. Thanks for commenting John, and for sharing–that’s what we’re all about on this blog.


    • John Asby

      I use your site often. Butch Palmer told me about Veracity and I am hooked. Thank you for such a great resource!


    • John Paine

      Butch was instrumental in steering me into apologetics, and for that and much more I will always be grateful. Thanks for the kind words and for following our blog. It’s a lot of work, but we’re having a very good time finding or creating and sharing this material.


    • John Asby


      I have a personal space on Vimeo that I post incredible video material. Most of it is used for personal ministry and I can’t publicly allow it to be viewed other than direct personal ministry due to copyrights. Would love to share with you if you would like. Just shoot me an email


  • dwwork


    Great video, great message.



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