Michael Card on the Gospel of Mark

Hope for the Gentiles: The Gospel of Mark

Michael Card’s books and videos are among the most helpful and encouraging resources you can find for gaining insights into Scripture.  The best teachers are full of original material, and Michael Card is indeed one of the best.

He has a new book entitled, Mark: The Gospel of Passion, which Day of Discovery has produced into a three-part video series entitled, Hope for the Gentiles: The Gospel of Mark.  Watch all three video segments directly on the Day of Discovery website.

The bMark: The Gospel of Passionook can be ordered from Amazon.com
(particularly if you enjoy using a Kindle Reader), or directly from MichaelCard.com (in paperback only).


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3 responses to “Michael Card on the Gospel of Mark

  • fred nice

    Michael Card is a wonderful teacher!


    • John Paine

      He always brings well-researched, original insights. In his series on Luke he keyed in on the music of the text and Luke’s probable sources. On the Gospel of John, that “Jesus disappointed almost everyone.” (Don’t get ruffled, it’s an accurate teaser.) In this new series on Mark, I thought the discussion of the “adjectives” in Mark’s Gospel was remarkably fresh and original. Note that the final part of the series will be posted on the DOD website tomorrow, and will contain quite a bit of extra material that won’t fit on the broadcast version. Thanks again Fred!


  • fred nice

    liked your mom’s eulogy…..would have enjoyed hearing you share it with your personal remembrances. keep up the good work on the blog!


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