Judge for Yourself

Here’s a short video that makes a really convincing argument in support of the dating of Easter, and may just crack the door to the possibility for new thinking.

Many Christian apologists today propose that we should apply the same burden of proof in reading the Scriptures that we would apply in a court of law.  Unfortunately our natural inclinations seem to take us beyond that standard.  Either we want a red-handed crime scene video or some elevated form of proof, or we can’t be objective beyond our own biases.

There are a lot of things we cannot know for certain, and we do indeed have to take many things on faith.  But not everything.  Isn’t it curious that once we think we know something, it tends to stay known—at least as far as we are concerned.

The truth is that modern scholarship offers up new ideas and corroborating evidence for the veracity of the Scriptures on a daily basis.  For example, among many other things I thought could not be known, I always believed that we could not know the dates of major events—such as Easter—recorded in the Scriptures.

Enter Rick Larson and others like him who are keenly inquisitive and have a passion for “puzzling things out.”  I won’t spoil the video for you, but as you consider the evidence he and others have compiled and the case they make for the exact dating of Easter, think about the burden of proof and judge for yourself.

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