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Four Views on the Historical Adam

How are we to understand the teaching of Genesis regarding Adam as an historical person? What is your view?

Want to know more about the debate? Get a copy of Four Views on the Historical Adam, part of the Zondervan Counterpoint series of debates within the Christian community among scientists, Old Testament scholars, New Testament scholars, Ancient Near East literary scholars, church leaders/pastors and others in-between about how we are understand the message of the Bible.

Introduction #1 — Matthew Barrett, California Baptist University:

Introduction #2 — Ardel Caneday, Northwestern College:

Young-Earth — William D. Barrick, The Master’s Seminary:

Ancient Near East Literature/Archetypal View — John Walton, Wheaton College:

UPDATE: For a summary of each view discussed in the book, BibleGateway has a succinct description of each perspective. Extended audio talks given by each one of the four main contributors from the 2013 Evangelical Theological Society have just been made available.

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