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Podcasts for the Thinking Christian

Plumb LineJohn’ s recent post on William Lane Craig’s Defender Series of podcasts brought to mind that I should update my list of recommended podcasts for the thinking Christian (here is an earlier list John and I have discussed).  I do not have the time to read books as much as I would like, but the marvel of MP3 players is that I can download audio files and listen to them while I work in the yard or drive to and from work.

John’s suggestion of William Lane Craig as the “graduate school” for the next step following after Dick Woodward’s Mini Bible College is very appropriate. Dick was an amazing teacher who continues to impact the world through his unique ability to “put things on the bottom shelf” for people by exploring the basic contours of the Bible. Dr. Craig then makes it more in-depth in terms of helping you grasp and develop your own understanding of God (theology) founded on Scripture and then applied in terms of being able to offer a rational defense of the Christian faith (apologetics).

But just as there are fine and different academic graduate schools out there, there are different “graduate school” approaches to theology and apologetics. For example, Dr. Craig is probably one of the leading Christian apologists alive today, such that atheist Richard Dawkins awkwardly still refuses to debate him. But Dr. Craig is known for his “Middle Knowledge” approach to the issue of God’s sovereignty vs. free will. He is also known for his classical/evidentialist approach to apologetics.  Without digging too much into those things right now, let me just say that not everybody is totally with Dr. Craig on these issues. But, PLEASE, do not let that dissuade you from digging into William Lane Craig! He is awesome! It is just important to know that there are other approaches that Christians take to these issues. You might want to check out some of the other podcast resources available to get a flavor of what is out there. So here we go!

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A Multi-Site Ministry Market

Loud music, monster-sized video screens,  all in multiple locations. Is this the future of church?

Loud music, monster-sized video screens, all in multiple locations, with a single highly-visible teaching pastor. Is this the future of church?

What will tomorrow’s evangelical church look like?

Every now and then, I like to sneak off on a Sunday and check out what other churches are doing. One of the fastest growing movements in America currently is the multi-site church phenomenon. Within the past year, two new multi-site churches have entered our local community, and people are coming out of the woodwork to attend. So I had to find out for myself what the fuss was all about.

American culture is changing rapidly as the traditional Protestant Christian consensus is breaking down. How do churches compete with all of the very exciting things to do on a Sunday morning aside from church? As the culture gets more atomized, evangelical churches have found it challenging to know how to reach out to an increasingly disaffected and distracted population.

Enter the multi-site church. Essentially, such a church is simply a community with one senior pastor that meets in multiple places. But what makes the multi-site movement unique is how these communities hold together and their strategy for growth. Let me walk you through one multi-site church experience. Your mileage may vary, but at least you will get the flavor as we dig into this…
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