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Veracity’s Top 10 Scorers

Veracity's Top Scorer Award

Do you ever wish there was a blacklist we could use to avoid being blindsided by bad doctrine or theology?  After all, there is so much material out there—who has the time to sort through it all?

When you think about it, a blacklist is a pretty ridiculous idea isn’t it? Not that there aren’t all kinds of names—from the famous to the infamous—that deserve to be called out, but there is a much better way for thinking men and women to attack this problem.  Study the good guys.

Welcome to Veracity’s Top 10 Scorers list. These are the players who consistently “put the puck in the net.” No deking and skating around—just on-target discipleship.

The list includes pastors, philosophers, professors, a historian, theologians, apologists, an astrophysicist, several world-class scholars, and some exceptionally gifted teachers.  (Actually there are 12 winners on our Top 10 Scorers list, because they all deserve the award.) Continue reading

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