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More Bad Blood Moon Rising?

A year ago on Veracity, we covered the story of the popular “Four Blood Moons” prophecy being promoted by pastors Mark Biltz and John Hagee.  But in a story that has become even more bizarre a year later, it appears that John Hagee has released a movie to be shown in theatres across America as we near the third of the four lunar eclipse events coming early (briefly) Saturday morning, April 3rd, 2015, on the North American east coast.

It appears that the producer of a Mark Biltz book about the same subject, World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah, on behalf of Biltz, has threatened some sort of potential legal action against Hagee for the claim made in Hagee’s movie that the San Antonio, Texas megachurch pastor made the “discovery” of the prophecy himself. Biltz, who also made a relatively smaller movie in comparison on the same topic, was actually the one who supposedly made the “discovery” of the prophecy by looking at information from NASA.

I find it strangely odd that two men and their representatives would be quarreling about which one of them speculated on this rather convoluted, supposed “prophecy” first.

(…Placing palm on forehead…)

If someone can enlighten me on how this whole affair can possibly preserve the integrity of Christian witness and bring honor to our Lord, I am all ears.

Some wisdom from the words of Jesus are appropriate here to encourage responsible Christians not to wander into such territory: “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority.” (Acts 1:7 ESV)

At least to his credit, pastor Hagee did invite astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross to interact with him in the movie and express some scientific and biblical criticisms.  Here is a two part analysis by Hugh Ross concerning the blood moon theory (#1 and #2).

If you are still curious but have no interest in going back to read the original post from last year for more detail, I would encourage you at the very least to view this video critique of the blood moon theory:

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