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Mustard and Chocolate

Can you find the mustard?

Can you find the mustard?

Communication problems in marriage can give us remarkable theological insight. Here is a great example.

I married a gourmet cook. My wife is the type of person who would rather cook something rather than go out to a restaurant where the chef’s skills are inferior to hers. As for me? I am good with a can of Chef Boyardee.

So imagine what it was like when my wife was out of town unexpectedly for a family crisis and she had promised to fix a dish for a previously scheduled dinner party. Guess who had to step in and cook?

Now that, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

My wife left me instructions. The recipe called for dry mustard. Unfortunately, I could not find it in the pantry. Where could the mustard be?

Would a culinary defeat be averted?

Was all hope lost?

Read on and find out what happened… and what it might tell us about the challenge of doing biblical interpretation when Christians do not always agree with one another.
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