End of Summer 2020: A Summer Like No Other

Wow. What a year.

As we approach Labor Day weekend, I have a few thoughts about this crazy summer, and absolutely crazy year we have been through so far. We have seen out-of-control fires from Australia to California, an extremely active hurricane season, the leveling of a large swath of Beirut, Lebanon, an earthquake in nearby North Carolina (a few hours from me), and a leading evangelical Christian college president asked to step down from his position, due to scandal. Wow. What more can happen??

The Year 2020: In One Photograph.

Of course, the big news is the coronavirus, and this summer has taught us that we are in this for a long haul. The somewhat good news is that the pandemic, though still deadly and a real threat to the most vulnerable, has not turned out to be as bad as originally feared. Yet at the same time, the pandemic has managed to bring out the worst in people, including sadly a number of Christians.

From conspiracy theories ranging from irresponsible interpretations about the “Mark of the Beast,” (spoiler: taking the “Mark of the Beast” is a loyalty oath. Christians need not fear that, unless they plan on committing apostasy), to the Q Anon political conspiracy that fascinates right-wing leaning persons, it seems like far too many people are addicted to their Facebook feeds and reckless Twitter tweets, while a good chunk of the world economy is in partial lock-down.

The Q Anon thing is quite concerning as it reminds me of the Satanic ritual abuse madness that swept through evangelical circles in the 1980s and early 1990s, that I got caught up in…. and it turned out to be an exaggerated hoax…. leading to dozens of false arrests and wrongful incarcerations…. and today’s obsession with Q Anon is likewise causing a younger generation to mistrust what Christians are saying about the Gospel.

Concurrently, very real and legitimate concerns and protests over police brutality and racism have tragically triggered a series of riots and violence, many have not seen since the 1960s.  Much of this has been invigorated by and has invigorated a cancel-culture, driven by an ideologically-rooted critical theory worldview, surging from the far-left, a movement that has been slowly creeping into even some corners of the evangelical church. Free speech is under attack, along with mainstream science (!), propagated by this new quasi-religion that is infiltrating just about every Western cultural institution, where domestic terrorism against individuals and businesses gets strangely overlooked, rationalized by such mind-boggling calls for “defunding the police,” and now… get this…. “2+2 = 5“.

I feel like I am being sandwiched in by insanity from both sides.

Oh, yeah. We still are not done with 2020 yet. We have a Presidential election to get through.

Lord help us all.

I try to steer clear of politics on the Veracity blog, as much as I can. But I will put this out there just this one time: In case you have not seen this, Unity2020 is worth at least a look. Yes, it is crazy. Will it even work? Maybe….Maybe not. But can it be any crazier than the polarized divide we already have now? The key is to see if the proposed candidates might consider running, and if the plan might gain ballot access, in time for the election. If you are not interested, that’s fine. I do not plan on bringing it up again.

Despite the insanity, there is some good news to report, along with some other very interesting things I want to link to and post, some sobering, others encouraging….. I am lumping these odds-n-ends all in this single blog post. Some topics deal with current events, but other things are items that have helped me better understand the Bible, and more importantly, the God who authored it:

  • Fellow Veracity blogger, John Paine, sent me this about photo-realistic portraits of Roman emperors. Pretty cool.
  • British pastor Andrew Wilson invited historian Carl Trueman to deliver this year’s “Think” lectures at the Kings Church London this summer, on the topic “Knowing God: Where Evangelicals Get the Doctrine of God Wrong and What To Do About It.”  Trueman is one of the most penetrating Christian intellectuals living today. View the sessions here.

And finally, Veggie-Tales creator Phil Vischer released a follow-up video to his “racism” video that went viral this summer (View the first video here). Some tremendous food for thought, for an informed conversation about racism:

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