Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands


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2 responses to “Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

  • Virginia

    This is totally AMAZING! woot, woot! What a spiffy vlog! Thanks so much, John, for your thoughtful insights (sights -video- get it? 🙂 ) Really like the painting! I’ve been National Art Museum groupie for years, but have never made it to the American Art Museum.Thanks to your intro, will definitely check it out. Can’t wait to see Veracity Vlog 2. Blessings!

    grace, peace & vlog kudoos — Virginia


    • John Paine

      Thanks, Virginia! I hope you can make it to the Smithsonian American Art Museum. From our neck of the woods, just drive to the Springfield Franconia Metro stop on I-95 and catch the Metro to the Gallery Place-Chinatown stop. Go up the escalator and turn left. Plan on spending at least half a day. I’ve been to the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay; the American Art Museum is right up there with the very best of them.

      Veracity vlog 2 is in the can and episode 3 (an expose of Clarke Morledge) will be shot this weekend. Marion and I are having a blast learning all this video stuff. We appreciate your encouragement!

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