Transgender, Intersex, and Christian Love

If you have been wrestling with, as a Christian, how you can love people who identify as transgender in some way, you owe it to yourself to view the following sermon video by Andrew Wilson, pastor of Kings Church in Eastbourne in the United Kingdom1. On the one hand, there is tremendous pressure from the wider culture today to minimize gender differentiation, and it has an impact on how the church understands issues involving men and women in church ministry, same-sex marriage, and just what it means to be a male or female person. On the other hand, there are clues in Scripture where Jesus recognizes that there are eunuchs, those who do not fit certain biological gender expectations at birth.

What does Christian love look like, when we reach out to people whose biological sex does not match their experience of gender? Justin Taylor, of The Gospel Coalition, has a great summary of Andrew Wilson’s talk:


1. Veracity featured another, short video by Andrew Wilson last week, for you “End Times” people. 

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3 responses to “Transgender, Intersex, and Christian Love

  • Emma

    Being intersex I really find it so ignorant that LBGT still label intersex people under the same umbrella!

    It’s like labelling someone who has Espilepsy with people that suffer from bipolar or schizophrenia. They’re worlds apart.

    Intersex is a physical, chromosomal disorder, there is no psychological issues other than the problems intersex people have as a child, particularly for me puberty and my years at high school!

    Being a Christian with a PHYSICAL CONDITION in no way breaks any Christian Morality code.

    The Bible is the inspired Word of God, twisting to suite a particular life style choice, yes CHOICE, bending something out of shape to fit something that isn’t condoned by God’s Law is wilfully manipulating God’s word to remove any feelings of shame so to practice what God states categorically you shouldn’t do.

    You wouldn’t condone people involved with occult persuits such as spiritualism, psychics etc, these things are an abomination in the eyes of God, so would you allow these practises in Church? Of course not, the Bible is explicit about these things. The same applies to homosexual relationships. It’s that simple.

    Intersex is my physical condition, I’m happy the way I’m made but it wouldn’t be my choice!


    • Clarke Morledge

      Emma: Thank you so much for stopping by Veracity and sharing your thoughts. Unfortunately, I find that many in the church have a difficulty in comprehending what you are saying. There is a tendency to lump things together, with little discernment, and the consequences for those, whom this is a very real and personal issue, can be quite tragic. I commend your willingness and courage to speak up. Christians need to hear more about your experiences!!!


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