Do Atheists Just Suppress the Truth in Unrighteousness?

Greg Koukl is an apologist with Stand to Reason ministries. In the following 3-minute video clip, Greg tries to answer the question, “are atheists just suppressing the truth in unrighteousness?” From Greg’s reading of Romans 1:18-32, it is not just “atheists” for whom the question can be asked. Anyone who is not a believer in Christ would fall within this category.

Does Greg’s video get at the idea that Paul is trying to communicate here? Watch the video, read Romans 1:18-32, and let me know what you think.

NOTE: For those who want a little more background into this challenging passage of the Apostle Paul’s, you should be aware that Paul’s critique of pagan idolatry in Romans 1 is rooted in the Jewish theological perspective of his day. Sometime within 200 years prior to Paul ‘s writing his letter to the Roman church, an unknown Jewish writer penned the so-called “Wisdom of Solomon,” part of the Greek Septuagint, as well as part of what many Protestant Christians call the “Apocrypha.” In the Wisdom of Solomon, the writer extols the virtues of wisdom grounded in the worship of the True God of Israel, and contrasts this with the idolatry of paganism just as Paul does. Note the striking parallels in Romans 1 with Wisdom 13 and 14.

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