Whitner David Paine, b. October 8, 2015

Whitner “Whit” David Paine, b. October 8, 2015

I pray that you will:

  • recognize that God loves you
  • be a good friend
  • be dependable
  • be able to let things go
  • be humble and gracious
  • be a compelling witness
  • be slow to anger and quick to forgive
  • be a good steward
  • be willing to make difficult decisions
  • be loved unconditionally
  • love unconditionally
  • try hard
  • laugh easily
  • smile when people need you to smile
  • enjoy the small things in life
  • listen to and respect those who disagree with you
  • know that God has a plan for your life
  • know the joy of personal discipleship
  • discover and appreciate that Christianity is objectively true
  • have courage
  • have compassion
  • have an uplifting sense of humor
  • have friends like your parents

I pray that you will never:

  • hate people
  • burn with anger
  • chase things that don’t matter
  • worry about things that you cannot control
  • waste your time
  • embrace cultural values that contradict your faith
  • forget who died for you

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