Has the Bible Really Been Corrupted?

Among the most popular contemporary challenges to Christianity is the notion that our Bible has been corrupted over the millennia by copyists seeking to embellish or rewrite the original text for their self-serving purposes. The idea is nothing new, going back at least as far as 17th-century Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza.

CocktailBut modern skepticism has evolved into a new art form. Painstaking textual scholarship is mixed with wild, unfounded theories that have no historical support to make a cocktail that skeptics cannot resist.

The unfortunate part is that most Christians never study the reliability of biblical manuscripts. Most just accept the Bible without fully appreciating what it took to transcribe, transmit, and translate accurate and faithful copies. They don’t fully appreciate what translation committees and publishers go through to produce the book that we hold in our hands as the final authority for our faith and practice—the special revelation of God to us. The really unfortunate part is that they miss the great joy of discovering how miraculously, faithfully, and accurately the Bible has been handed down to us.

Here is a video every Christian should watch. Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, arguably one of the world’s foremost authorities on New Testament manuscripts and textual criticism, lays out the scholarship to refute claims that the Bible has been hopelessly corrupted in its copying and transmission.

For those following our Personal Discipleship class, here are this week’s slides and notes on the topic.

Personal Discipleship Class - Week 6

Click on the images inside this file to link to the online resources. (You may need to adjust your browser settings to allow the links to work, or open it in iBooks, or save it to your desktop and open it with Acrobat Reader.)

HT: Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, Judy Williamson, Spark Church

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