Millions of people will attend churches on Easter celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus. But is it just a nice idea intended to make people feel better? Is it true, or is it based fundamentally on a lie?

From a new book for seekers, skeptics, and Christians who just are not sure: Raised?

Anything worth believing is worth questioning.”

I have not read the book, but if the following set of videos is any clue, it is a grippingly honest journey of doubt, cycle, faith, and life ….

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Clarke Morledge -- Computer Network Engineer, College of William and Mary... I hiked the Mount of the Holy Cross, one of the famous Colorado Fourteeners, with some friends in July, 2012. My buddy, Mike Scott, snapped this photo of me on the summit. View all posts by Clarke Morledge

2 responses to “Raised?

  • John Paine

    …and self-absorption. Man those were hard, depressing videos to get through. One thing that jumped out was the insidious danger of defining God on our terms. I would argue that the proof of the Resurrection is not in any of our individual experiences (the truth is much larger than that). Although the Holy Spirit in us is evidence of a much greater reality, to reject or accept God based upon our circumstances is not a good thing. Thanks.


  • Clarke Morledge

    Yes, the self-absorption stood out, too. Sadly, the hard stuff in the videos are all too real. You really have to go through them all to see where it was all heading, and once you saw where it was finally going, I was encouraged.

    And since I have done some nice bike rides in Austin, Texas down to Lake Austin, that did bring back some fond memories.


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