To The Least of These: Phoebe Palmer

It has been said that behind every successful man is a remarkably great woman who has made that man who he is. How true that is! I do not know how I qualify, but as a married guy myself, I am surely thankful for my bride and all that she does to support me!

Women have often been sadly neglected in the history of church. But the truth is that the church never would have grown as it has apart from the contribution of women raised by God to serve His purposes. These women need to be remembered, honored, and celebrated.

One of the greatest forgotten women in the church was the 19th century Phoebe Palmer. The following blog post in our Lenten series gives you an introduction to this extraordinary woman….

Lessons in Lent

Phoebe Palmer (1807-1874). Evangelist and Social Reformer. Phoebe Palmer (1807-1874). Evangelist and Social Reformer.

On the night of July 29, 1836, Phoebe Palmer had rocked her 11-month-old daughter to sleep, and placed her in her crib. A few minutes later, a carelessly handled oil lamp landed in the crib, pouring hot and burning oil on the child. Within a few hours, the child was dead, and Phoebe Palmer’s life was in bitter agony. This was her third child lost in infancy. Why had God allowed this to happen? This may sound harsh to us today, but Phoebe wondered if perhaps she had loved her child too much, making her daughter into an idol. A year later, Phoebe had a profound encounter with Jesus Christ. Her “heart was emptied of self and cleansed of all idols” and she had come to know the Lord as being her “ALL IN ALL”.

Phoebe Palmer was the firebrand of the 19th…

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