Bible Infographics

Sometimes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Sometimes a picture can convey more truth than words.  Sometimes a picture helps reinforce a thousand words.  We use lots of pictures on Veracity—art, photographs, videos, and infographics.

Here are just a few examples of good Bible infographics.  Click on the images and hyperlinks to visit the sites of these amazingly creative folks.  You’ll find some real gems if you take a little time to explore the content.

Visual Unit

New Testament Reliability

Challies Visual Theology Series

Reformed Theology

Josh Byers Designs

End Times Infographic

And just because we enjoyed making them…

Veracity’s Bible Infographics

Non-Genomic Map of OT Quotes by Jesus

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5 responses to “Bible Infographics

  • Tyler Robbins

    Love them! Where did you grab “Reliability of the NT” from? I just taught an apologetics class on that issue at my church last night, and want to re-post it for my church.


    • John Paine

      That infographic came from the Visual Unit site (click on the “Visual Unit” link just above the graphic in the post. I couldn’t find a good way to navigate all the material on their site, probably because they now have so much content. One workaround is to use Google to search for (without the quotes, on the Images page at Google) “Bible Infographics”

      To find that particular graphic, search “reliability”

      You might also like and anything Daniel Wallace has to say at

      Thanks for commenting and teaching!


  • Tyler Robbins

    Got it. I showed contrasting clips from Bart Ehrman and Dan Wallace in my class last night. A picture literally is worth a thousand words. Many thanks. I appreciate your blog.


  • Vincent


    love your website, but how come I can’t find a way to contact you guys ? There doesn’t seem to be any contact info.

    I’d like to translate and re-publish a couple of your infographics on my apologetics website, with proper attribution of course. Please contact me by email at your convenience so wa can discuss this endeavour.

    Keep up the good work !


    • John Paine

      Thanks Vincent for your inquiry. I will think about how to make our contact information more accessible without opening it up to Internet spiders.

      Everything we do on Veracity is intentionally in the public domain. We would be encouraged if you pass anything on, or translate, or republish.

      God bless,



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