Who Created God?

Who created God?  Good question. Atheists fall on their backside thinking this one through.  It’s all in how deeply we can think—specifically being able to think outside the box of our own worldly experiences.  Here…if you’re still wondering, I’ll save you a headache the next time someone asks you—God is transcendent.

Here’s a short video by Oxford mathematician and Christian apologist John Lennox that shows why you might not want to mess with someone who’s wise—particularly when he is wearing a grin.

John Lennox is a delightful, gentlemanly, brilliant and crafty defender of the faith.  He gives atheists fits with his use of logic and his calm, unflappable, charitable demeanor.   In 1962 he attended the last lectures of C.S. Lewis, to whom he is now sometimes compared.  Dr. Lennox can hold his own, and give as good as he gets.

(Stephen) Hawking, who in 2009 retired from holding Isaac Newton’s old chair at Cambridge, also said that heaven is “a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.”
Lennox quipped in response, “Well if you want a one liner to answer it, atheism is a fairy story for people afraid of the light.”
Amanda Read, The Washington Times post, “Who is John Lennox

Richard Dawkins is one of the so-called “Four Horsemen of New Atheism,” and the author of The God Delusion.  Dawkins hates religion, and personally I don’t blame him.  But what he fails to grasp in his negative reaction to religion is that he has his ladder against the wrong house.  The essence of Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship.  While I can empathize with his distaste for lots of characters who call or called themselves ‘Christians’, ultimately people have to be wiser than that.  Not being able to distinguish between a perfect Christ and imperfect Christians is a particularly lethal form of genetic fallacy.

Dawkins’ much-publicised refusal to debate William Lane Craig drew scorn from atheists last year.  But he has debated theists on numerous occasions, including these two debates with John Lennox.

If I wasn’t as nice as John Lennox I could conclude this post by stating the next time you hear an atheist pontificating there is no God, remember that you get the most noise from the emptiest barrels.  (Don’t you love logic?)
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