Your Move


How are you doing with your decision-making?

I have a long daily commute, with lots of time to fill running the Interstates of eastern Virginia.  Four months ago Veracity’s bass player, Clarke Morledge, got me into podcatching, and life hasn’t been the same since.  It’s definitely getting to me—there have been several times lately when I’ve been happy to be stuck in traffic.  Really.  I plug my iPhone into the car stereo and dive into a world of wonder, mentally shielded from the wacky races occurring all around me.  On-demand theology, philosophy, apologetics, interviews, sermons, and some of the world’s finest teaching.

If you need a how-to primer, check out our previous post on Podcasts & Podcatching, and give your spiritual life a real booster shot.  Try it, really.  If you want some great sources of Podcasts, check out Veracity’s Top 10 Scorers.

So What’s the Point of This Post?

OK, now that we have the mechanics out of the way, let’s get to the content.  One of my favorite (free) podcast subscriptions is Andy Stanley’s Your Move.

Andy did a four-part series recently about making decisions entitled, ironically, Your Move.  He breaks decision-making into four basic questions:

  1. Am I being completely honest with myself?
  2. What story do I want to tell?
  3. Is there a tension that needs my attention?
  4. What would be most honoring to God?

This is great, straight-ahead preaching about decision-making.  You can make better decisions.  That’s one of the two points of this post.  The other is that you can give your spiritual life quite a boost by tapping into podcasts.

You can get these four messages on your podcatching device (search for “Your Move” within your podcatching app—watch our video linked above if necessary).  If you’re not into podcatching, don’t miss this teaching.  Click on the image below and watch the four messages online.

Happy motoring!


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2 responses to “Your Move

  • Clarke Morledge

    Ad seen recently on an Internet blog near you:

    WANTED: Bass player seeking an electric guitar player, drummer and a singer to form apologetic band. Must be able to quote Soren Kierkegaard from memory, chart lunar eclipses mentioned in the Bible, and have hair whiter than Ravi Zacharias. Accordian experience a plus.
    If interested, please …..



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