Here’s an intelligent look at the spin surrounding the recent publication of a Coptic fragment purportedly quoting Jesus referring to “My wife…” Daniel Wallace is an authority on ancient manuscripts, and the New Testament in particular.

Daniel B. Wallace

21 September 2012

There has been an unbelievable torrent of hoopla over a newly discovered—or rather, recently announced—Coptic fragment that speaks of Jesus as being married. The news of this small, business-card-sized fragment has gone mainstream, so much so that even David Letterman got into the act. On Thursday evening (20 September), just a couple of days after the story broke in the New York Times, he had a telephone interview with the most important guest he’s ever had: Jesus Christ. This ‘Jesus’ was married and his wife was nagging him in the background. Anything for a laugh, it seems.

But when the circus leaves town, what have we got? Below are some facts, some probabilities, and some possibilities.

The Facts:
1. Professor Karen King of Harvard Divinity School presented a paper at the International Association of Coptic Studies in Rome on Tuesday, September 18, making public a…

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  • dwwork

    I am always amazed that people want to put more stock in manuscripts that are from the late second to the forth century rather than eyewitness accounts written within 20 to 30 years of Jesus’ ministry and resurrection and within the lifetimes of people who lived during the events. When you don’t want to believe the truth you look for anything to justify your belief.



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