Tools for Bible Study

If you want to accomplish just about anything you need tools.

Just a few years ago a disciple’s tools included lots of large books: concordances, commentaries, Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias, multiple translations of the Bible, atlases, classic references (e.g. the writings of Josephus, Fox’s Book of Martyrs), modern authors (e.g. Oswald Chambers, Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis, Charles Spurgeon), and so on.  Our teachers had great discipline in studying the Bible.

Just as technology has revolutionized everything else, it has certainly made self-directed Bible study an incredibly easy and enjoyable undertaking.  No more tomes or trips to libraries—just videos, hyperlinks, electronically searchable texts, and a limitless wealth of free, digital references and information.  So how do we make sense of all the available material and keep our study focused? Yup, tools.

We have so many great tools and resources to share that this topic deserves its own category.  Welcome to our ‘Tools’ category.

You can use our Toolbox page as a general starting point—and look for more tools in future posts—but for now here are a couple of videos that highlight two powerful resources: and Evernote. is my first stop when searching anything in the Bible.  Nothing else comes close to its’ ease of use and powerful, linked, filtered search capabilities.  Evernote is an amazing device that remembers everything and helps you recall anything quickly and effortlessly. Evernote has great application beyond Bible study, but it is also amazingly helpful for this purpose.

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