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Heaven in 5 Minutes

We asked Pastor Bill Warrick what he would say if he only had five minutes to tell someone about Heaven.  (Then we asked him several questions, so we ended up with more than five minutes.) This is the third in our series of posts on the subject of Heaven.  The previous posts highlighted thoughts from […]

What Will Heaven Be Like?

Continuing with our Heaven theme, here’s a very interesting take from apologist Dr. Richard Deem.  He paints a biblically consistent picture using the lens of science.  Click on the superscripts to see his references, then use your browser’s ‘back’ button to return from the website.  All of the following text in this post is from that […]


Contrary to what most people might believe, the Bible has a tremendous amount to say about Heaven. • There are two Heavens: the Intermediate (or Present) Heaven and the New Earth (the Heaven to come). • • One reason life on Earth can be so difficult is that we were not designed or intended ultimately for life on Earth—Earth is not the final destination.  Earth […]

Paul, A Biography, by N.T. Wright, A Review

Reading N.T. Wright is delightfully invigorating. He is surely the most influential, and perhaps the most prolific, living New Testament scholar of our day, and an evangelical Christian to boot. This has made Wright into the darling of millennial Christian thinkers, who look to someone like an N. T. Wright, as having the academic smarts, […]

Rachel Held Evans Reflections ( & on Warren Wiersbe, Bonhoeffer, and the Crisis of “Big Tent” Evangelicalism)

Veracity readers have observed that I have briefly commented on the illness and recent death of Rachel Held Evans. Many who have appreciated her writings, whether they agreed with her or not, have mourned her untimely death, yet not without controversy. I have thought quite a bit about her over the previous few weeks. Rachel’s story […]