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The Groaning of Creation in Romans 8:19-23

Earth Day is coming up soon, and Christians who are called to engage the culture are faced with how to respond to the call to care for the earth. But what does the Bible have to say about it? In what sense does the whole of creation; including plants and animals, cats and dogs, rocks […]

Old-Earth Creationism vs. Intelligent Design: What is the Difference?

We have pointed folks to a lot of resources regarding the creation/age-of-the-earth/evolution debate here at Veracity (just go to the main blog page, scroll down to where is says “search” and type in something like “creationism” and click GO, or go to our 2013 Symposium page for starters).  But in my discussions, some get confused […]

An Evolutionary Creation: Oxymoron?

When most Christians think about “evolution” and “creation”, they think of things that simply do not mix: Oil and water. Vinegar and milk. The Red Sox and the Yankees. Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. Me and mornings. Forget it. When I was a young Christian studying science in college, I was repeatedly told that I […]

Creation & the Bible (Apologetics Course)

“I may not be a trained speaker, but I do have knowledge.”                                                                        2 Corinthians 11:6, NIV We can take a clue from one of the most influential and effective writers who ever lived—knowledge is important. I’m generally a proponent of the big-thoughts-small-words school of thinking, but have recently been impressed by an apologetics ministry […]

COVID-19, Christians, and Conspiracy Theories

In our new COVID-19 world, there is a lot of confusion, misinformation, and even disinformation.  The plethora of Internet-based news outlets and social media does not help matters. What are reliable sources of information? Who can you really trust? Such a climate is fertile ground for generating conspiracy theories. Granted, it is very easy to […]