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Unbelievable. The Big Conversation. In 90 Seconds.

I do not know how he does it. Last year, it was thinkers like Jordan Peterson, Susan Blackmore, Steven Pinker, John Lennox, Michael Ruse, Daniel Dennett, and Peter Singer. This year is it Bart Ehrman, Peter Williams, William Lane Craig, Sir Roger Penrose, Bret Weinstein, and Alister McGrath. Justin Brierley, of the podcast Unbelievable?, in […]

Why the Debate Over “Women in Ministry” is at a Stalemate…. and What to Do About It

Fifth in a multipart series…. As a reminder, I would ask the reader to read the entire blog post series in sequence, starting with the first one hyperlinked here, before making a final judgment on what I am suggesting. You can always skim it over first, and come back to the tough parts later. I […]

The Micah 5:2 Christmas Prophecy (…and How “King James Only” Apologetic Arguments Only Tell Part of the Story)

During the season of Advent, churches will read from the Gospels, directly referencing Old Testament prophecies, as being fulfilled at Christmas, with the coming of Jesus as Messiah. One of the most familiar prophecies is found in Micah 5:2, which is said to predict that the Messiah will come from Bethlehem, which is confirmed by Jesus’ […]

The Last Days … According to Jesus

R.C. Sproul, who died in 2017, was one of the world’s most beloved Bible teachers. What a lot of people do not know, is that he held to a rather unconventional view of the “End Times.” Most evangelical Christians today, at least in America, hold to some form of futurism, when it comes to prophecy […]

The Easter Effect

Several Veracity readers came to me on Easter Sunday and asked me about a recent Wall Street Journal article, “The Easter Effect and How it Changed the World” (behind a paywall), by a Catholic intellectual, George Weigel. Weigel’s argument is that the event of Christ’s resurrection, so inspired, so disturbed, and so invigorated the world […]