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Andy Stanley Responds to His Critics

A few weeks ago, I highlighted a controversy involving Atlanta megachurch pastor Andy Stanley, over a sermon entitled “The Bible Told Me So.” The topic generated a lot of discussion among Veracity readers, in particular after a blog post by Southern Baptist leader Al Mohler, who severely criticizes Stanley’s method. Pastor Stanley has responded to his […]

Andy Stanley and the Bible Told Me So

I do not follow popular, megachurch pastors that much. But when a fellow Veracity reader tipped me off regarding a recent controversy with Atlanta-based Andy Stanley, I was puzzled. Andy Stanley, the pastor of NorthPoint Community Church, and son of another popular Atlanta preacher, Charles Stanley, has been preaching a sermon series on “Who Needs […]

Apologetics: Norman Geisler

Evangelical apologist Norman Geisler died today, at the age of 86. The author of over a hundred books on Christian apologetics, theology, and philosophy, Norman Geisler has left a dramatic footprint upon the evangelical Christian world.  Dr. Geisler was critically instrumental in founding two evangelical seminaries, Veritas International Seminary and Southern Evangelical Seminary, and taught […]

An Interdenominational Church Asks: What Are the Core Doctrines of the Faith?

“It is kind of hard to know what it means to celebrate our unity in the midst of our diversity, when we do not even know what that diversity is.” — Troy Knapp, philosopher, poet, Michigan Tech fan, and fellow connoisseur of Mexican fajitas The 19th post in a multipart series. I am part of what […]

On the Outsourcing of Women’s Ministry

7th in a series. So, how good is the teaching women receive from women Bible teachers, in your church? Is it top quality, grade AAA? Or is it the leftovers?   I am taking a break from the heavy biblical interpretation part of this blog series, to highlight a single, important issue. Have you ever […]