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The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald… and Textual Criticism

Forty years ago today, the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald sank during an early November, severe winter storm on Lake Superior. All 29 of the Fitzgerald’s crew were lost. As a kid in middle school, I fell in love with Gordon Lightfoot’s song telling the haunting story of the tragedy. I pretty much had the whole song […]

Responding to Textual Criticism

When someone confronts us in a particularly offensive manner or strikes at a deeply held conviction or belief, most of us have a natural inclination to fight back. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to let anger and emotions get the better of us. Like it or not, we live in a world where there is little tolerance for people who think differently. From a purely cultural perspective, we are far less apt to listen and empathize than we are to attack and vilify. To win is to vanquish our enemies. Or is it?

The Rise and Fall of Summer 2021

Now that the last days of summer are waning, I am writing a post to reflect on some spiritual matters that I have been considering lately. As we near the end of August, 2021, aside from Hurricane Ida bearing down on Louisiana, what is on the minds of many is the deteriorating situation in Kabul, […]

On the Danger of Overstating Apologetic Claims for the Christian Faith

I can not tell you how many times I have used this argument, in conversations with non-believers, over the years: With the exception of John, the “Beloved Disciple,” all of the remaining 11 original disciples of Jesus (after Judas Iscariot) were martyred for their faith. This is a proof of Christ’s resurrection. For why would […]

7 Books I Want to Read for 2020… (But Not Sure I’ll Get To… But Maybe You Will?)

Here is my New Years Resolution: To try to read some books that I have had on my list for awhile, but I never seem able to get to. If you get to read any of these before I do, please let me know. Let’s see if I actually get to read these before the […]