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Inerrant and Infallible

We cannot explain or resolve all parts of Scripture.  However, to surmise that apparent conflicts in the Bible must be ‘errors’ is an arrogant and dangerous supposition.  Too many people give up too easily—if it doesn’t make sense they aren’t willing to dig deeper.  Or to trust.  A couple of years ago I listened as wise, godly friends discussed […]

End of Summer 2020: A Summer Like No Other

Wow. What a year. As we approach Labor Day weekend, I have a few thoughts about this crazy summer, and absolutely crazy year we have been through so far. We have seen out-of-control fires from Australia to California, an extremely active hurricane season, the leveling of a large swath of Beirut, Lebanon, an earthquake in […]

Balance: J. I. Packer

One of evangelicalism’s leading lights, James Innell Packer, died yesterday at 93. Having just finished reading a biography via audiobook about Packer’s life no less than two weeks ago, I offer my review of this book, as I honor one of the most remarkable, influential, and balanced Christian authors in my life. My first encounter […]

2019: Clarke’s Year in Review

I have done of few these retrospectives, over the years (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), on Veracity. But here is my stab at looking at some of the top stories of the year that have had (or will have) an impact on the Christian movement, and evangelical Christianity in particular.   THIS JUST IN! : A […]

Are the “End Times” About the Future…. Or Partially About the Past?

As yet another major Christian denomination, the Evangelical Free Church of America, changes it doctrinal statement, to back away from its historic commitment to premillennialism, it bears reflecting upon how much Christians are rethinking the “End Times,” in the 21st century. Dick Woodward, the late pastor emeritus of my church, and founder of the Mini […]