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Are the “Kingdom of Heaven” and the “Kingdom of God” Different?

Sound bites can mislead… and here is one of those cases where inappropriate expectations of what we read in the Gospels can get Christians into serious trouble. If you read about the “kingdom” in the Gospels, particularly with the parables of Jesus, you will notice that Matthew exclusively uses the term “kingdom of heaven,” whereas […]

Is “Heaven and Hell” Biblical?

Is “Heaven and Hell” Biblical? The answer is surprisingly, “No.” Are you skeptical about that claim? Please hear me out for a moment…. If you were to do a search, in your Bible, to try to find the words “heaven” and “hell,” used in the same verse together, you might be shocked to realize something: […]

In One Short Moment… Heaven

I have had a pretty rough day today. But for some friends of mine grieving in Virginia Beach, Virginia, there is no comparison. Mark Rodriguez, a 17-year old student at Norfolk Christian school, was a victim of a random shooter on Chesapeake Boulevard.  Mark was driving home from a graduation party when a bullet cut […]

Is Heaven is For Real For Real?

The Christian-themed movies just keep coming these days. If you recently went to see Son of God, God’s Not Dead or Noah, you probably sat through twenty minutes of endless previews for other films. The other night I must have gone out for popcorn and missed part of this, but there was one preview for […]

Heaven In Simple Terms

Some biblical illustrations are harder to understand than others, particularly in the 21st century.  Consider Jesus’ words in John, Chapter 10.  John noted in this passage that the disciples had difficulty with the sheep and shepherd metaphors. When we asked Bill Warrick what he would say if he only had five minutes to tell someone […]