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What is Christian Zionism? : Zionism #1

On May 15, 1948, the modern nation state of Israel was created. Ever since then, students of the Bible have taken a great interest in the Jewish return to the Holy Land. Is this a fulfillment of biblical prophecy? Many people are interested in events surrounding the End Times. A number of Christians say that […]

Forgotten Christians: Zionism #7

In the news, we hear much about the tension between Jewish Israelis and Muslim Palestinians in the Arab-Israeli conflict. But did you know that there has been a community of Christians in the Holy Land for centuries? The story of this ancient church is often overlooked. Since the time of the New Testament, there has […]

The Legacy of “Christian” Anti-Semitism: A Report from Rome

As news unfolded last weekend of a man entering a Pittsburgh Jewish synagogue, and killing 11 worshippers, it was a sober reminder that anti-semitism is still a spiritual and moral disease to be reckoned with. My wife and I recently returned from a trip to Rome, Italy, and there we sadly learned that the story […]

A Parable: Zionism #18

To end off this blog series on Christian Zionism, I want to offer the following parable. My wife is a gourmet cook. She is fantastic. Not only that, she loves to cook. I love to eat her cooking, so we have a mutual appreciation thing going on. One of my favorite foods is a juicy […]

A Tentative Conclusion: Zionism #17

In this blog post series on Christian Zionism, I have tried to cover a vast amount of material, highlighting the most significant, while still trying my best to hear all sides in the debate. At this point, I can only make a tentative conclusion. The Bible is a big book after all, and so as […]