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Can “Charismatic” and “Liturgical” Christians Worship Together?

The debate over the “gifts of the Spirit” divides evangelical Christians. The debate over the ancient liturgy of the church divides as well. Is it possible to heal the divides by bringing the charismatic and the liturgical together? Consider the “gifts of the Spirit.” On one side are those who believe that the supernatural gifts […]

Irresistible, by Andy Stanley, A Review

A little backstory, as to why I decided to read this challenging book: I am not really the type of guy who would be naturally drawn to a pastor like Andy Stanley. At least, that is what I thought a few years ago. Andy Stanley is the son of the well-known Atlanta pastor, Charles Stanley, […]

The Romanovs, A Hundred Years Later

One hundred years ago today, Russian Tsar Nicholas and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks. The legacy of the Romanovs remains in dispute to this day. The staggering losses suffered by the Russians, during World War One, prefigured the end of the dynasty. But critics say that Nicholas, and his family, were inept, and […]

Do the “New Atheists” Get Their History Right?

You might have heard some of these historical claims before: Jesus never existed. The emperor Constantine colluded with church leaders at Nicea to fix the New Testament canon. Medieval Christians believed the Bible to teach that the earth was flat, until Christopher Columbus proved them wrong. Christians persecuted leading early scientists, in order to defend […]

What Happens When A Believer in Jesus Dies?

What happens when you die? That is a good question. In the history of the church, the concept of purgatory looms large. But purgatory has had a bad rap with (most) Protestant Evangelical Christians, ever since Martin Luther made his famous protest in the 16th century, against indulgences. Purgatory is a doctrine that tries to explain what […]