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Bart Ehrman’s Challenge to the Divinity of Jesus

From the preface of How God Became Jesus, by editor and Australian scholar Michael Bird: [Bart] Ehrman is something of a celebrity skeptic. The media attraction is easy to understand. Ehrman has a famous deconversion story from being a fundamentalist Christian to becoming a “happy agnostic.” He’s a New York Times bestselling author, having written […]

Stephen Colbert’s Approach to Skepticism

Here are some cleverly complex interviews where Colbert takes on the skeptics. There is real tradecraft here—he confronts the skeptics boldly without humiliating them. Most of these guests show up for multiple appearances (he interviewed Richard Dawkins and Bart Ehrman twice, and Neil deGrasse Tyson nine times). Some of his quips poke fun at shallow arguments for the very epistemology Colbert seeks to support, while demonstrating an insightful appreciation for apologetic arguments and contemporary skepticism. As W.C. Fields once quipped, “Comedy is serious business.”

Is the Death of Judas Iscariot a Bible Contradiction?

Critics of the Bible will often point out discrepancies between different Scriptural accounts to be evidence of contradictions in the Bible. A classic case involves differences between Matthew’s account and Luke’s account of the death of Judas Iscariot. In a 2019 debate, critical scholar Bart Ehrman presses the contradiction claim against evangelical Bible scholar, Peter […]

On the Danger of Overstating Apologetic Claims for the Christian Faith

I can not tell you how many times I have used this argument, in conversations with non-believers, over the years: With the exception of John, the “Beloved Disciple,” all of the remaining 11 original disciples of Jesus (after Judas Iscariot) were martyred for their faith. This is a proof of Christ’s resurrection. For why would […]

The Big Conversation: The Best Debates of 2019

One of the more useful features of YouTube is the ability to deliver great Christian apologetics content. Debates are perhaps the best way I learn, that help me to have more effective conversations with non-believers. At the top of the list are the debates moderated by Justin Brierley, host of the Unbelievable? podcast, out of […]