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Moving Beyond Confusion with the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” (#7)

The seventh (and last) in a multipart blog post series… Let me share with you some of my personal journey. When someone says “charismatic,” with respect to the Christian faith, it can evoke a lot of different reactions…. I have had a number of friends who would consider themselves as “charismatic,” as well as friends […]

Power to Witness in the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” (#6)

Continuing on, with the sixth in a multipart blog post series… Revival: The church’s greatest need. So reads the back cover of Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ classic Joy Unspeakable…. and Lloyd-Jones is still right!! How can the church accomplish her God-given mission without the inward, transforming power of the Holy Spirit? Once you observe how Old Testament prophecy […]

Prophecy Fulfilled in the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” (#5)

Picking up from where we left off, the fifth in a multipart blog post series… Is “the baptism in the Holy Spirit” something that happens to the believer upon conversion, or is it a subsequent experience in the life of a Christian? In examining the teachings of Martyn Lloyd-Jones and John R. W. Stott, two British […]

Is the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” a Second Blessing Experience? (#4)

Fourth in a multipart blog series…. So, how did we get from the sacrament of confirmation or chrismation, from the early church, to contemporary Pentecostalism? The key to this is understanding the idea of a “second blessing” experience, in the life of a believer. The “second blessing” has a history stemming back to the founder of […]

Is “Speaking in Tongues” the Sign of the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit?” (#3)

After a break for a few weeks, we are picking up again with the third in a multipart blog series…. Azusa Street. Los Angeles, California. April, 1906. A new African American preacher in town, William J. Seymour, a son of former slaves, stood up to preach for several nights in a row. Seymour had been blinded […]